What are Butchers?


Unless you are a vegan, pork, beef, chicken meat, and others are undeniably part of our diets. These meat types are undoubtedly put in every dining table. What we all need to do is to buy these from the market or stores. But, have you ever asked the processes being done on these meats before you buy them from the stores? Actually, the people behind these things are the butchers. With this article, you are to know more about butchers and meat cutting. First things first, to make things clear, a butcher is a person who does meat cutting.

So now, we will be talking about butchers, who are they and how to be one of them.

A butcher is a person who is able to slaughter animals, dress their flesh, sell their meat or even the combination of these three things. They do prepare the poultry for sale in retail or wholesale food establishments and standard cuts of meat. A butcher can actually be employed in supermarkets, grocery stores, butcher shops, fish markets, slaughter houses, or sometimes they can even be self employed. On the other hand, meat cutting is the chopping of meats into desired slices.

To be more specific about butchers and meat cutting, listed below is a list of guide questions about it.

  1. What are Trainings I might need to become a Butcher or a Meat Cutter?

If you are truly interested in becoming a butcher or a meat cutter, you can usually take on the job sessions from meat supervisors or managers. Also, for you to be more educated in meat cutting, you can attend meat cutting schools or watch meat cutting videos.Usually, most employers in retail establishments like butcher shops do require training in the methods of cutting or chopping different portions of meat. Know more about butcher in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slaughterhouse.

  1. What are the Job Responsibilities of a Butcher or a Meat Cutter

Your responsibilities as a meat cutter or a butchers may also depend on where you meat cutting training. In some instances, if you work in a grocery store or in a butcher shop, your duty is to probably cut and prepare slabs of meat according to specific customer desires.

What are the skills I must carry?

For you to work as a meat cutter or a butcher, you must have the ability to work in larger processing plants, refrigerated areas or cutting room floors. Also, sanitation and cleanliness skills are needed.

To sum all the things up, a butcher is a person who performs meat cutting, he needs to be skillful and be well learned to be considered as a meat cutter from meat cutting school.


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